Sunday, December 5, 2010

41st Annual Fungus Festival, Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, 12/4-12/5 2010

Mrs. Amnesiac and I copped free passes to this fun, amazing event. We braved yet another SF Bay Area 2010 rainstorm to hang out amongst mycologists, hippies, punks, and other curious types. Check the photos and then, if the spirit grabs you, go and forage! Just, please, consult a mycology book before you eat!

We even bumped into old pal Suzanne Carter, a member of the Bay Area Mycological Society!

Some beautiful 'shrooms!

The afternoon finished up with a lecture by mushroom photographer Taylor F. Lockwood. His motto is "Chase the rain".

Yes, that's a mushroom cap! Get it? I think I may have, ah, ingested something........

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