Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lewis Jordan's Music at Large/Addleds-CNMAT, Berkeley, 2/24/12

Disaster Amnesiac met up with pals Joe Noble and Andrew Joron at the venerable CNMAT house, near the UC Berkeley campus, for what turned out to be a study in contrast.
Opening act Addleds play a heavily extended technique-focused discrete music. They reminded me a lot of Stockhausen's pieces for electronics. The fact that they did this, with all acoustic instrumentation, is pretty impressive.

Above: Addleds in action. Quiet interactive sounds.

Up next, Lewis Jordan's music at Large set up and proceeded to blow the roof of the CNMAT. Made up of powerful S.F. Bay improvisers, this band plays a fiery post-Free improvisational Jazz of an incredibly high caliber. Drummer Marshall Tramell was amazing, as were violin maestro India Cooke, guitarist Karl Evangelista, and band leader Jordan. One hour of pure sonic/emotional bliss!

Above: Music at Large, tearing large holes in the fabric of perception. Go and see this band!

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