Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guitar vs. Gravity-City of the Past

Disaster Amnesiac has been digging this great two song virtual 7" by Ben Adrian's Guitar vs. Gravity. The opener, City of Simulacra, features somber reflections on the progress one's hometown makes while one is off living life. The tune's swooping bridge section and solid drumming from David Schollenbarger lead to great twinned guitar riffs from Adrian at its conclusion. Ben really soars here.
"Side Two", City of the Past, ranges between pensive lyrical passages and romping instrumental ones, followed up by an amazing two and one half minute jam, in which bassist Steven Pride, Schollenbarger, and Adrian conjure up a taut, interactive vibe, the likes of which Disaster Amnesiac will always love. One can hear them play together, adding to and augmenting each others' parts. True group playing within the Rock band format. Yes! The whole thing boils down to a mysterious, chiming end, and the listener is left rewarded.
 The great thing about Rock bands is the way in which they can borrow from multiple sources, and great Rock bands can do this while retaining their own identity. As such, Guitar vs. Gravity is a great Rock band.Get this on your computer until Ben can get it on wax, and then, go and grab that,too.

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