Friday, October 12, 2012

Then me and Mick are gonna wing it on over to London and jam with the Stones

Well, Paris actually. This jam was waxed in the City of Lights.
Disaster Amnesiac currently has the new Rolling Stones single, Doom and Gloom, pretty much on endless repeat in the iPod.
It's a great, pounding 2/4 boogie from the World's Oldest Band, and it sounds invigorated as hell, energized and energizing in that sweet way that only the Stones can do it. Keith and Ron are ragin' on guitar, riffing with that fine interplay that features on their best work together. Dig on that drop at the end of the chorus for ample proof of this. Ron's been a Stone for almost forty years now! Hard to believe! Keith and Ron can lock, for sure, and on Doom and Gloom, they lock massively. Speaking of locked, gray eminence Charlie Watts pushes the proceedings with his characteristic uncluttered tidiness, sticking to a propulsive kick/snare/hat pattern that grooves and shuffles with a motive force. As for front man Mick, he sounds equally inspired, ranting, and rapping the kind of darkened, somewhat cynical lyrics that the public has come to expect from a world class Rock Star and Original Bad Boy.
Maybe it's true that all they see right now is doom and gloom, but all that Disaster Amnesiac feels when this tune is playing is raw excitement. Who knew they still had it in 'em?


Pig State Recon said...

Ha - septuagenarian boogie, indeed.

At the beginning of the 90's this older buddy of mine got me to buy their then-current "Mixed Emotions" 45 for the b-side "Fancy Man Blues". He enthused on end for weeks about it being this 'return to form' and best Stones blues track since the early 70's. Not sure if I ever believed him, but I dug the impulse.

Mark Pino said...

I swear, Row, they always come up with one winner, at least!