Friday, February 22, 2013

Richard Waters and Friends/Key West Drone Unit; Luggage Store, SF 2/21/13

On the way from car to venue, Disaster Amnesiac and my pal Andrew marveled at the new-ish yuppie looking lofts that are going on and around 6th St. in SF. Yes, that is finally happening. Where will the area's perennial down and out go, once that particular shift has been completed?
Thankfully, the Luggage Store remains ensconced on Market!

Rent Romus's Key West Drone Unit opened the show, and, as their moniker suggests, they played two long, droning pieces. Clouds of energy shifted and coalesced, often around Sung Kim's invented, Partch-like instruments, but equally driven by Rent's alto Free lyricism. The man sweats Jazz.
Above: Sung Kim and David Dupuis; strings oscillate
Below: Timothy Orr bows the drone down

Above: Brian Pedersen trills
Below: Key West in flight

After a brief intermission, musical instrument innovator Richard Waters ushered in his group. The group delved quickly into the psychoid realms, coaxing long, shimmery tones out of Waterphones, strings, metallophones, saws, etc. Waters focuses on music that is quietly intense; the Luggage Store's space seemed almost too big. Disaster Amnesiac was wishing we would have been sitting with them in a living room!
Above: Richard Waters saws
Below: Tom Nunn scatches
After a few searching numbers, the Waters invited special guest violinist Tom up ( I did not get his last name). Tom's presence seemed to give the group a rhythmic focus, and their jams got a bit more visceral, almost rocking at times. Waters seemed to enjoy the energy that Tom brought with him.
Above: Mike Knowlton digs in on guitar
Below: Gary Knowlton behind the veil, David Michalak on lap steel

Below: Tom and his groovy violin

Above: Richard Waters, his friends, their sounds

Back out on 6th St., after the show, Disaster Amnesiac and his pals watched as a fiery Lunar New Years lamp was lit and floated gracefully up into the clear night air of February.

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