Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rent Romus' Life's Blood-Live at Duende; Oakland, CA 9/25/13

Disaster Amnesiac got to Oakland's Duende a bit early, at which time Rent Romus suggested "we're going to play some Jazz for you".
That they surely did, working from charts and building up heated improvisational crescendos (aside from one calm and cool Chico Freeman piece).  Their piece 6th St. Breakdown was particularly crazed.
Bassists Kim Cass and Markus Hunt lay down a thick low tandem, upon which drummer Timothy Orr spreads his percussive mastery and Rent blows his always stunning alto/soprano tones.
Life's Blood damn well rock their Jazz.
Below: Life's Blood marching in
Below: individual Blood cells

Below: video!

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