Tuesday, October 8, 2013

L.A. Witch-Self Titled Digital Download, via Bandcamp

Disaster Amnesiac was made aware of L.A. Witch from this site (I tip my cap to you, sir), and I've been 'podding their sounds a lot lately. You've just gotta love the way they craft their tunes, the way that they swing with a down-tempo Avant Garage Rock simplicity. This does not sound like a stupid simplicity, mind you, but an effectively paired down simplicity that gives these three tunes an undeniable heft. They do not buzz pass the perception, but instead ooze into it as you listen, their Gothic Swamp sound sticking to the mind like gooey mud.
Opening track Get Lost last track You Love Nothing move with ballsy swing and buzzing chords, while the spooky ballad Heart of Darkness provides a acoustically strummed and chorus chanted link between them.
It comes as no surprise that sounds this great have been coughed up from L.A.'s La Brea tar pit of underground sounds. Disaster Amnesiac heartily encourages everyone to pay for this download. Perhaps L.A. Witch can use some of the proceeds to press up 7" copies, with the corpse painted kitty kat on the cover. I'd buy one just for that!

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