Saturday, February 1, 2014

Reconnaissance Fly/Plurality of Worlds-Berkeley Arts Festival Space; 2/1/14

Underneath a beautiful new Aquarian moon, Disaster Amnesiac made it over to Berkeley Arts Festival Space to catch the Reconnaissance Fly CD Release Show.

Opening the show was Plurality of Worlds, in which Polly Moller and Emily Hay entwined their flute playing with Tim Walters' electronics processing. Hay played Dada foil to Moller's alchemical readings, while both blew extended and avant within a surreal sound world matrix. Walters bounced it all back at them, providing surprise elements that Moller seemed pretty pleased with. Julius Evola would not have been amused, but I found the juxtaposition to be fun.

Below: Plurality of Worlds

Next up, Reconnaissance Fly celebrated the release of their new CD, Flower Futures, with a tight set of tunes that celebrate the poetic potential of spam. Disaster Amnesiac was moved by their fusion of Jazz, Rock, and composition, presented in a way that brought this listener down I5 to L.A. For me, they have that warm, slightly dark SoCal sound, especially from Amanda Chaudhary's keyboards, Rich Lesnik's woodwinds, and Larry the O's cool ride cymbal techniques. Moller's got a great voice, too, somewhat operatic in an Irene Aebi sort of way, and her flute soloing, if somehow bottled, could provide heat to the homeless dudes sitting outside of the space. A really fine melding of brain and brawn from these flyers!

Below: Reconnaissance Fly heat up in Berkeley

 Below:  Reconnaissance Fly get saluted


Polly Moller said...

Thanks Mark! Wuz great to play for you!

Larry the O said...

So glad you enjoyed it Mark. Drummer who likes time we should hook up for a cuppa!

Larry the O

Mark Pino said...

Sounds good to me! The music, and the coffee plan!
Glad to have been at the show, you guys killed it.

Polly Moller said...

Come hear us at Duende on March 26th. I'm sure they've got coffee there!

Mark Pino said...

That'll work.

Pig State Recon said...

Is the Emily Hay in Plurality of Worlds the same one who used play in Motor Totemist Guild and UTotem? Was and still am a big fan of that woman's formidable vocal/flute abilities.

Mark Pino said...


Tim Walters said...

Pig State Recon: Yes, and me too!