Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Earth Like Planets-self titled digital e.p.; Bandcamp, 2012

A few evenings, back, Mrs. and Mr. Amnesiac had a very enjoyable listening experience while tuned in to Marshall Stax's great The Next Big Thing demo show on KALX. The source of our intrigue was two songs from Earth Like Planets self titled 2012 Bandcamp release.
Disaster Amnesiac hears all kinds of fascinating musical juxtapositions here: L.A. Death Punk, early 1980's Rough Trade zeniths, S.F. Art Punk. Brian Cooper's Psych, and at times almost Country/Western, guitar moves on tunes such as Pry and Remind Me How, Again are framed by really creative drum programming and playing, along  with cool sounding synth coloration. His scientific/philosophical/speculative lyrics are intriguingly off beat and fascinating. Earth Like Planets stated goal is "to connect audiences to the world of abstract ideas"; trip out on Let the Drugs Help Them Out or Patternicity for examples of said goal.  Earth Like Planets is obviously bursting with ideas, and Cooper does a really fine job of congealing them all into a coherent overall statement. The project has a really appealing overall patina of home recorded sound that Disaster Amnesiac is just digging the hell out out, currently.
Earth Like Planets have made this e.p. a free download. I'd say snap it up quickly, as music this good will likely find its way to some sort of label eventually, at which point it will likely cost you a few bucks. Music this creative deserves it! To quote Earth Like Planets, "feel the blast of power in your hands".........

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