Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Achtungs-I'm Not The One; Going Underground Records 7", 2013

You just gotta love the 7" format! Disaster Amnesiac figures it's one of the best ways for a band to present an introduction to their ideas, short and sweet being the rule. Without having tons of time in which to get the point across, 7"s seem to force musicians to just get down to it.
Getting down to it is just what the Achtungs do here on what appears to be their debut recording. They fill it with six rockin' tunes (at 45rpm, no less!), all of which have that cool Nordic Punk Rock 'n Roll feel: an astute mixture of any and all worthwhile elements from the past sixty years of electric guitar music. Disaster Amnesiac hears 1960's American Garage Rock from vocalist Joni, D-beat Punk from Jussi's slappin' drums, and late 1970's nascent Hardcore from bassist Teemu. Joni rips some nice solo guitar action when he's up for it, particularly on the rippin' title track and Suicide. In keeping with the tenor of the format, he lays it out quickly and gets right back to the riffs, naturally.
This affair whips past with energetic precision and an appealing lo-tech (but non-muddy) feel. Grab it from Bakersfield's Going Underground and feel better for supporting the international scene! It wouldn't take too much time from you, and you'll rock out in the process. 

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