Saturday, December 15, 2018

VOL.-1; self released, 2018

Continuing here with the recent submissions from the ever active Max Nordile, Disaster Amnesiac has been digging into VOL.'s first release, 1. Max is joined by guitarist Marissa Magic for a couple of documented live shows from this year. The duo wrap alto saxophone from Max and guitar/sax from Marissa into two extended pieces of personal language exploration of a very liberated nature.
A side Active Music Series benefits from a very clear recording by Jacob Felix Heule, on which he captures the intimacy of VOL.'s approach. Nordile gurgles, screams, sighs and moans over and atop Magic's rubbery rhythmic six string focus. This tune moves up and down the energetic slide as the two speak to each other, ever aware of the need to keep things gritty. Disaster Amnesiac definitely appreciates the funkiness of VOL. Somehow a bit later on the track a bit of cool metallic percussion emerges from the mix as things get out of hand in the best, most confusingly thrilling kind of ways. How do they get all of this sound with only four hands? VOL. stops, Max utters a quick laugh and a "thanks", and a roomful of people applauds. This is real.
The wonderfully named Tunnel Jam keeps the sounds going on side B, wherein VOL. utilize the big echo of said tunnel for more of their intimate back and forth. The guitar is dropped for another saxophone as both reeds are rattled for a conversation moans and vibes with more great Free energy. There's a slightly eavesdropping dynamic to this one, as if the listener has stumbled upon some kind of ritual enactment being held late in the night in some lonely part of town. Really beautiful, intimate stuff going here as one can feel the glowing energy of inspiration coming down from a very sublime place. Despite the lo-fi nature of Tunnel Jam, should you listen, you'll surely bask in its glow.
Nordile will undoubtedly keep up the pace. The question is, will you be there to listen? Disaster Amnesiac would advise you to do so. VOL.'s sounds have certainly turned me on.

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