Tuesday, April 30, 2019

APR-The Furies Inside Me (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack); eh? Records cassette, 2019

Pivoting away from Jaap Blonk's Dada moves now, Disaster Amnesiac finds myself immersed in the heavy as hell instrumental power trio dynamics of APR. Across nine tracks of guitar/bass/drums storming, The Furies Inside Me has drummer Bobby Previte leading the way with some of the fiercest playing that I recall hearing from him. He drives guitarist Peter Aaron and bass player John Rosenthal with a combination of Free Jazz stamina and Heavy Metal (just pick your subset of it, he's got 'em all down) precision. Disaster Amnesiac realizes that people have been doing this for decades now, but holy smokes does Previte have it down.
The string players answer fantastically with their scorching tones that blast from amps which sound seriously turned the fuck up. Aaron and Roshenthal are not holding back in the wake of Previte's pummel.
The Furies Inside Me contains the kind of instrumental music that demands and holds the attention of a listener with its metallic squalling and head over heels ensemble gallops: they're here for the delight of any fan of this kind of fused music.
I've not seen this film, but the playing from APR has me wondering how its images can compete with the fire that it its soundtrack; just like all great soundtracks, The Furies Inside Me stands up as an individual statement. Disaster Amnesiac is sitting here dreaming of APR doing a live gig with the film playing simultaneously. I guess it'd ruin any dialogue that the film might have, but this tape and its great sounds have convinced me to seek out some kind of home copy of it, anyway. How could it not rock as hard as this tape from eh?

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