Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Deborah Kant-Terminal Rail/Route; self released via Bandcamp, 2012


As regards Deborah Kant, for Disaster Amnesiac it's most certainly better late than never. I only very recently discovered their majorly kick ass album, Terminal Rail/Route, and it's been making this listener quite happy! Over the course of its six songs, this album twists and turns through all kind of effective Rock Music moves. The guitars chime and riff, the drum patterns are physical and compelling, the singing is not too affected, the arrangements are intriguing and obviously well considered. When the group goes into long form freak out mode, as they do on Acid Dermal, those nodes of the brain which need psychedelic tickling are aptly engaged. Then there's the way which the singers harmonize on the title track: fascinating really, this mashup of heavy Rock guitars with sweet vocalized notes. Deborah Kant get spookily dramatic on The African Psych Record Collector's Mom's Basement Escape, wherein they do indeed drop some heavy Psych moves. Album centerpiece Acid Dermal>Carded Mail twists and turns through many permutations throughout its lengthy duration, the singer sounding as if he's in a post-trip mental haze, while the guitars launch off into further explorations of the multi-colored grit of a most lysergic nature. Disaster Amnesiac has flashed on Pettibon illustrations and the fog of Golden Gate Park and the Haight as I've dug in to this one. "So far from my record collection", and careful on that rooftop!

Is Deborah Kant still an active band? If so, many hails! If not, there's plenty of their riveting Rock action to be heard on Terminal Rail/Route. What a great sounding band, happy to have finally been made aware of their existence!

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