Wednesday, August 2, 2023

John Krausbauer & David Maranha-Briging it Back b/w Round and Round and Round; Public Eyesore Records #154, 2023


Fascinating format fuckery here, as John Krausbauer and David Maranha, men of lengthy resumes opt for a relatively short 7 inch that showcases music most often featured on long playing LPs or even longer CDs. Two sides of Drone from amplified violin and amplified organ to be exact. And drone they do. The listener is essentially dropped into what sounds like an already-established action as soon as the needle hits the vinyl. Maranha has set up a pulsing ostinato pattern that bubbles and wobbles. Krausbauer solos with abandon atop of that. The musical action really hits when their notes converge within the wildness of their duo sounds. Disaster Amnesiac has heard it as a thick band of dark color and also as a quickly flowing ribbon of water. It's clear that they caught a moment of peak mind-meld on some day back in 2020. Lovely Minimalist cover art from Sarah La Puerta to boot. A fine little document from an obviously inspired session. When does the full length LP come out?

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