Saturday, November 22, 2008

AH Kraken, 11/21/08, a warehouse in Oakland, CA

After dining on some great homemade paella at his house, Colin and I hightailed it down to San Pablo Ave. to catch AH Kraken in a warehouse. Scott met us there. The band was starting their set right as we walked in. It was so great to feel their assault up close and personal. All of the elements that make their records great were there: simple guitar riffs, sludgy bass, pounded floor tom pulse. To stand at arm's length from it all felt great. They were somewhat hampered by bad equipment and tons of booze intake (the drummer told me at the merch table that they'd been drinking since 3PM!), but still managed to put on a great, heavy performance. I love the chaotic punky sound that they generate, and they seem like good guys. If you get a chance, go and see 'em live. They seem like a pretty real deal to me.

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