Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fancy Space People have landed!

To my great pleasure, Fancy Space People have announced that their LP will arrive here on earth shortly. An advance landing has occurred by way of a free download at their Facebook page:
If there is a better band on Planet California, I'm not aware of them. So many great elements coalesce within Don and Nora's vision: Glitter-stomp beats, Morricone chants, Psyched-out guitar lines, pauses worthy of Laughner getting spaced-out at Pirate's Cove in 1975, all framing Nora's wonderful warble.
They claim that they have come to save the human race. All I know is that I'll be saving a few bucks in order to buy the LP when it descends from the Heavens.


Pig State Recon said...

This really is reason for celebration. FS PEOPLE's junkshop glam take on SUN RA is exactly what this world is missing right now - it's out-of-this-world prankster pop, with just the right amount of Blush-On. Hail Bolles! Hail Keyes!

Disaster Amnesiac said...

Hail, hail.
The best Kult in Kalifornia!