Monday, November 1, 2010

Top 20 Songs, by force

Recently I traveled to Britain. It was a lovely trip, and London is still blowing my mind, three weeks removed.
Along with staying at a great little hotel downtown, my wife Melissa and I stayed with our friends Debbie and Joel, who live in the wonderfully named suburb of Harrow on the Hill. Joel asked me at one point to list and email him my top twenty songs. At first I balked, but Joel can be a very convincing guy!
This list represents what felt like an honest attempt. My main criterion was: "what songs can I recall that I've either played obsessively or can listen to at any time?"
I hope this list will reignite my long-ignored music writing blog.

Pere Ubu- I, will wait
Tuxedomoon-No Tears
Toiling Midgets-Cling Fire/Clams
The Cramps-Green Fuzz
Black Sabbath-Hole in the Sky
Bad Company-Bad Company
Led Zeppelin-Houses of the Holy
Black Flag-Nervous Breakdown
Minor Threat-Cashing In
Frank Zappa-Peaches en Regalia
The Fall-Tempo House
Link Wray-Rumble
Grateful Dead-Scarlet Begonias
Monitor-We Get Messeges
Jethro Tull-Flying Dutchman
Miles Davis-All Blues
Gerry Hemingway-More Struttin' with Mutton
Royal Trux-(Have You Met) Horror James
X-Blue Spark


Anonymous said...

That heavy gtr downstroke that drops when Paul Rodgers sings "that's why they call me . . . . Bad Company" will to me forever be known as The Bad Company Chord. Total genius.

More posts! More posts!

Mark Pino On Drums said...

Ima try now, Mike.
This blogger is a total sucka for Bad Co.