Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ghost in the House, Oakland House Show, 1/27/12, Oakland CA

Disaster Amnesiac and Brian Lucas trekked over to West Oakland to catch Ghost in the House. The group, made up of Tom Nunn, David Michalak, Dean Santomieri, and John Ingle, and featuring special guest Richard Waters, played three pieces. The first, Dream #77 (for 2 Waterphones) segued into The Dream Machine. These two pieces were characterized by quiet improvisational interplay, and featured great, surreal narration by Dean and powerful alto saxophone playing by John.
It was great to hear waterphone inventor Richard Waters playing his invention, as it was to hear Tom Nunn playing his invented instruments.
After a short break, the group played a more frenetic piece. After a while, the house lights were turned on, and the ghost whisked away into the ether.

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