Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nymph-U.F.O. Over Dome Rock

Disaster Amnesiac was not around for the advent of the first truly Pop movement, but I'm relatively certain that it was an Art World reflection of those products and trends that were contemporaneously popular within the larger society.
I say this not because Nymph's great new on-line single relase, U.F.O. Over Dome Rock, is particularly Pop in nature, or even reflective of the tastes of a wide swath of current society. I do say it because I wish it were true. Nymph have nailed it here, with a catchy, complex song that alludes to African forms (reminding Disaster Amnesiac of the Ex's recent recorded approach), 1970's Avant Garde vocals, Soul Jazz, Sterling Morrison, Krautrock, etc.
Disaster Amnesiac would love to be able to turn on a contemporary FM radio station and hear this track's bubbling, clicking, Harmelodic All-World music ringing forth. A mere $2 got it into my iPod.
Be a true reflection, grab a seat on Nymph's flying saucer flight.

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