Friday, April 9, 2021

Donilo Ligato-Rizieri; EEEE Records, 2021


These days, it's often that Disaster Amnesiac wants to throw my hands up into the air and beseech the Creator, "CAN THE WORLD BE AS SAD AS IT SEEMS?" 

Thanks to Throbbing Gristle for supplying that bit of wise query, and thanks to the Creator for gifting humans with music. Even during sad and hard times, humans can make and listen to music. So many moods, and surely for each of them, a sound can be found. Even when sadness grinds at the senses, we can find a music that helps. 

All of this brings Disaster Amnesiac to Rizieri, a new digital EP from seasoned sound artist Danilo Ligato. Across three rather short tracks, Ligato conjures moods that have been pretty uplifting during a turbulent time. Opener Nube pairs minor key vibraphone ostinato with somewhat eerie feedback sounds; the former has frozen this listener in his tracks in somewhat sad contemplation, while the latter pushes those feelings back a bit, until a noise wall of guitar chords takes over the entire scene.This song has brought the tears streaming, tears of genuine sadness at the acknowledgement of physical life's inevitable endings, and tears of joy at the simple beauty that we are afforded within this mortal coil. This is music with simple, direct affect. Wonderful. Next up is Dissipatio, wherein ethereal keyboards pair with clean, plucked guitar. Pensive at first, its latter, major key sounding portion brings just the right amount optimism. Ligato ain't leaving you mired in despair, and for that you should feel good. Rizieri's short journey concludes with Monte Analogo. A simple keyboard refrain, much like that of Nube, is treated with metallic cello sounds and small whisps of feedback. Another lovely little island of intimacy. 

The three tracks that make up Rizieri have an interconnected feel that is very pleasurable. Even as they seem to reflect a deep sadness (or, maybe that's just Disaster Amnesiac projecting?), their beauty is akin to that of discovering the deeper, hidden joys within the human struggle. As I continue to struggle through these strange times, I'll be dipping in to its ethereal tones for some of those healing vibes.

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