Sunday, April 4, 2021

Perpetual Bridge-Upon the Deep; self-released via Bandcamp, 2021


The world certainly has been under heavy manners, has it not? Fear seems to have become the guiding emotion for a LOT of people over the past year, even more so than usual. Disaster Amnesiac will spare you the list, for, surely, you're aware of it. I will say, that during times of stress, duress, and societal mess, I, like many others, tend to turn towards the more soothing sounds. After a day of taking in whatever weird/bad news is currently being spewed, it can be really tough to listen to, say, Slayer, with the hopes of just finding a way towards making it to another one. 

Recently, this dynamic has been where Perpetual Bridge's Upon the Deep has come in really handy. This three track EP-length digital release is full of the kind of hypnotically cosmic sounds that can truly assuage the frightened feelings that seem to be poking up from all corners. Composed and performed by Swiss/Italian sound artist and DJ Nadia Peter, who coaxes all manner of digital exotica and hypnotica from what I imagine are digital sources, Upon the Deep sends the listener into three worlds of comfortingly beautiful sound baths.  On tracks Nebula, Hidden Rivers, and Blue Orbit, quiet musical motifs are presented and then fleshed out with many different manner of bubbling, scratching, and whirling sound accents. The sounds here are almost New Age in their melodic composition, but the added accents give them a certain spice that enlivens them into something more spacey and singular. 

There's plenty of musical variety coming from the mind of Perpetual Bridge's creator, and it can surely appeal to wide swath of listeners, as evidenced by Mrs. Amnesiac deeming it "really cool", often most assuredly NOT an appellation given by her to the music that she hears coming from my stereo. 

Upon the Deep has provided Disaster Amnesiac with a place of refuge in which to relax and to escape from the turbulence that society is stumbling through. Recommend listening technique for this lovely EP: put it on repeat, find a comfy spot in which to sit, and just let its sounds embrace you with their mysteriously calming mists.

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