Friday, January 13, 2023

Galactapus-The Rainbows Of Wrong-self released, 2022


A couple of years down the line, and here we have brand new sonic insanity from Galactapus! The Rainbows Of Wrong continues and expands upon the Galactapus aesthetic: take a plethora of musical influences, blend them within the ever-fertile Galactapus brain, and produce highly listenable music. Now, Disaster Amnesiac will not assume that if you're a "normie" you'll "get it", but, speaking to the fringe elements of musical culture, y'all most definitely gonna "get it", and that you most definitely should, like, right now.

The listenable quality comes from Galactapus's clear genius for song writing. Each tune of the disc, from the Post Punk Surf pulp mashup of Turning Into A Boob to the operatic and Classical elements of Anal and the surreal metallic drama of Giftworm and the towering, mighty heights of Radio Kolossos (which Disaster Amnesiac hears as the centerpiece of the entire album), is just that: a song that one can and will sing or hung along to as they listen. The fact that Galactapus seems to using a fair amount of junk shop grade instruments within these musical matrices makes The Rainbows Of Wrong that much more impressive of a feat, at least from a musician/technician aspect of appreciation. Still, on a more simplified and basic tip, I feel as that anyone who really takes the time to listen to the album will agree that it contains a ton of great music, something which can't be faked whether one is playing a $2 children's glockenspiel or a $10,000 electric guitar. One either has it or they don't, and Galactapus most obviously does. There are no futile, time filling exercises here, only killer tracks that blend seamlessly into one and other in musically thought out ways and manners, ones which you can dance or thought-bliss out to. There's room for all of that and more on these rainbows.

The entire world is going insane and out in Minneapolis Galactapus is offering up a perfect soundtrack for the insanity. As stated in 2021, you just really ought to get with Galactapus. Find the debut on vinyl from that year or the CD of The Rainbows Of Wrong from last year, you'll hear what I'm sayin'.

Oh, and dude, what kind of mics did you use? It's OK if that's your trade secret. Once can still delight in the mysteries of Galactapus.

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