Monday, January 30, 2023

Tom Verlaine RIP


As Disaster Amnesiac has pondered the passing of Tom Verlaine, I've mostly thought about how he was, much like Leslie West, more of an influence than many people recognize. Those players that developed the "Indie" sound, pretty much all of 'em have to list Verlaine as one, that's for sure. I don't know too many of those types of people, so I can't say if they're aware of it, but it's undeniable. 

From a more subjective point of view, I just have loved Marquee Moon for many years now.  I have distinct, lovely memories of listening to that album at various points within the past 35 year time line, along with one particular memory of seeing him play as a sideman with the Patti Smith Group. He seemed like such an unassuming guy, almost off the stage of the Warfield Theater; when Smith gave him a shout out, he seemed very gracious about it all, which seemed pretty cool to this audience member. 

Can't say much more than that, really. I would just like to give a tip of the cap to a dude who always did things his way artistically. RIP Tom Verlaine.

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