Friday, September 1, 2023

How 'come Disaster Amnesiac was the last to find out?


Steve Miller Band's The Stake and Joe Walsh's Rocky Mountain Way are the same song? Wish you guys would have told me. These were the tunes that made the Punkers do it themselves. These were the tunes that young 'uns listened to as they were schlepped to the grocery store by mom and sometimes dad. I guess it's a zeitgeist type of issue? 

Well, time keeps on slippin' into the future. The culture was so much different than as compared to now, but Disaster Amnesiac guesses that each and every era has that characteristic. Probably each and every minute does for that matter. I read about the suicide of Frank Kozik recently. His art was very popular within cultural strains that Disaster Amnesiac was aware of and inspired by. He had just turned, or was about to turn, sixty years old when he went through with his decision. I can't help but ponder what factors they were that made him decide to end it once and for all. In terms of "the average American male", whatever the hell that is, Kozik was nearing some major endings. Perhaps he'd already began having some of them. Who can say, and that's really not my business anyway, but it has given food for thought. 

The presence of human death is one to be so engaged with for a person as their later years envelop them with tremendous quickness. It would be so nice to be able to phrase that into some kind of "rage, rage" line, but, honestly Disaster Amnesiac can be a pretty Steve Miller Band type of guy, and I fear that an attempt to do so would emerge dorky at best. Instead I'll just try to focus on these moments that are left for me with some kind of presence, worthy of their gifts.

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