Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Paul Lytton & Erhard Hirt-Borne On A Whim-Duets, 1981; Corbett vs. Dempsey Records 2023


Great news for fans of the deeply individualistic sounds of European/British Improvised Music scene emerges via Corbett vs. Dempsey Records in the form of Borne On A Whim-Duets 1981! Eight archival tracks from percussionist/electronics innovator Paul Lytton and guitar/dobro player Erhard Hirt have been unearthed, mastered, and packaged into a very pleasing release from the Chicago-based label. The depths that these two players plumbed during this session will be audible and pleasing for said fans. Lytton and Hirt conjure all kinds of scrapes, whirls, twirls, pops; basically any kind of "not allowed" sounds from their respective instruments are investigated and pushed to their limits. Borne's vibes are ones that evince an intimacy that will surely transmit to the attentive listener. One can hear and feel how closely Lytton and Hirt were paying attention to each others' sounds as they improvised: calls are sent, responses are intoned, and all within a very non-pompous atmosphere. These two musicians must have felt quite a lot of pleasure themselves as they got down to business over two days in Spring of 1981. Disaster Amnesiac recommends listening to Borne On A Whim-Duets 1981 with headphones. There are depths to this mix that really show themselves under 'phones. Such a wonderful release, and as it's listed as Paul Lytton Archives #1, it feels safe to assume that we can look forward to further sonic delights from the great drummer by way of Corbett vs. Dempsey. Bring 'em on!

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