Sunday, December 24, 2023

Glen Weyant-cello forest; digital single, self released via Bandcamp 2023


Vermont-based sonic explorer Glen Weyant, in a recent email to his Bandcamp supporters, stated bluntly "...2023 sucked." Disaster Amnesiac felt sad to have read the sentiment, but was stoked by Weyant's inclusion of a free track, cello forest, that was attached to said email (and all the more so because it was sent as an mp3 unattached to Bandcamp's codes, which my old computer hasn't been able to read in a long time now). cello forest spends a bit over eight minutes showcasing Glen's facility with bowed cello playing, and it sounds wonderful. He sticks to standard bowing techniques as he probes the sonic field of what sounds like the entire soundboard of the instrument after starting from bass pizzicato. The action pretty much remains bowed for the rest of the piece, which also features a songbird that's decided to join in duet. Sweet moments there! Weyant coaxes a lot of great sounds from his cello on cello forest, and Disaster Amnesiac is happy to have been given a chance to hear them. Hopefully you'll have some better times in 2024 Glen!

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