Friday, December 29, 2023

RIP Jim Ryan


News is spreading amongst the Improvised Music community of the passing of Woodwinds player, composer, visual artist, and poet Jim Ryan. I got to know Jim in about 2014, after having seen one of his bands a few years earlier. During that time, Jim was making major changes in his life. After several years apart, he and his sweetheart Millie had reconnected and resumed their romance. Hence, Jim was in process of making the decision to move to her in Washington D.C., one that he went through with. Within that dynamic, Jim was still generous with me, spending time making music and talking about things. A conversation with Jim was always characterized by passion. He felt his passions with great depth, and was not shy about voicing them. He was no push over! Here was a guy who, in his 80's, could be kind of scary and intimidating. That said, Jim Ryan was a really sweet soul. He traveled all over the place, making music and art and poetry. He was surely a guy that influenced plenty of people. Farewell Jim Ryan, the rich tapestries that you wove will not be forgotten.

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