Thursday, January 4, 2024

Zohastre-Abracadabra; Zamzamrec Records, 2023


Awareness of Avant-Euro duo Zohastre came to Disaster Amnesiac by way of the great WFMU. During a recent streaming sesh I heard one of the tracks on last year's Abracadbra and pretty much immediately searched out and found a physical copy. The group pairs electronics and drums in ways that tickle and delight the ears. The electronics make any manner of squidgey, sparkling, burbling and just generally tone bent racket while the drums frame these sounds, often with very primitive blast beats. I figure that hardcore Heavy Metal fans might take offense to drummer Olmo Guadagnoli's somewhat primitive techniques, but I find them to be quite effective as they move knob tweaker Heloise Thibault's electronic statements. The tracks don't vary much in terms of tonal shifts or time signatures as such, instead relying upon Olmo's simple drumming to push the repetitive nature of Zohastre's concept to levels of trance ecstasy. Take a quick look at the figures on the very nice cover art for Abracadabra, and you'll likely get the drift. And as one listens, they certainly will be given ample opportunity to drift off into the bliss zones crafted by this creative duo. Put on Abracadabra at your next dance session or party, and you'll be guaranteed some fun hip sway, foot work, booty shake, or hand jive. A fine blending of Electronic Music, Now Metal, and Underground Dance, Abracadabra is a mover! Must find more sounds such as this for 2024!

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