Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thrift Score!

It started when I saw the sock. You know the one. It's on the cover of the first Henry Cow LP. There it was, among the Hugo Winterhaller and Boots Randolph and Joni Mitchell LP's. I saw it, and KNEW. "There's more here...I can feel it...keep digging".
The scene: a nondescript building on Mission Blvd. in Hayward, CA. I had accompanied my wife as she went to find shoes and boots, generally bought cheap and sold for profit on eBay.
I'd perused the record section of this store before, only to find said Winterhaller et al. Today, it was different. Magical.
A few inches down the row of dusty LP's: wait, what's that there? The demon? The red demon with green eyes? Hello, there, Black Sabbath's Born Again, a Ian Gillan's great lone recording with Iommi and the gang!
As I crouched on the floor, the small of my back beginning to ache, there appeared before my eyes a veritable Kluster of Kraut!
At that point, I considered stopping my dig, and being content with the kick-ass scores that I'd dug up. However, I hadn't gone through the entire rack, and, hey, I was hot, right? I continued, and managed to find this weird New Age epiphany:
The dig ended with some classic (in my opinion) ECM Jazzbo A-R-T from down to earth dude Keith Jarrett, accompanied by the probably very nice Mr. Jack DeJohnette.
 Total cost? $7.00 and change. Total fun? Need you even ask?  Now excuse me, I've got listening to do.