Monday, June 13, 2016

ICUMDRUMS-The Girdle; digital download via Bandcamp, 2015

If for no other reason, the internet is great for bands. Seriously, any newly formed group is just a simple mouse click or two away from knowing whether or not any considered moniker is taken or not.
Disaster Amnesiac figures that ICUMDRUMS really didn't have any issue as a possible duplication of name. Thankfully, there's also a really original sound to be found there as well.
For this fan of drum-based music, this project is seriously compelling and awesome. The Girdle features music that fuses many disparate Underground feels into a bracing ball of energy. Kicking off with some tom tom flourishing worthy of Tommy Aldridge on No Love, drummer Kris Kerby fuses electronics and percussion in a pummeling, heavy, seven song, maximum impact set. What's really fun about The Girdle is the way in which the electronics pair up with drums, as is done in On The Way and Down South. The latter features some really fine rudimental snare work, to boot. Disaster Amnesiac has felt these tunes to be some new kind of distorted, distinctive Drum 'n' Bass at times. Despite their heaviness, these trax are dance-able! Also enjoyable, if at times disturbing, are the Kvlt vocals on For Her and While She's Smiling. Both also have tightly played Blast Beats that underpin the squalling electronics and schrei, to boot. Beautiful, messed up heaviness therein! Everything seems to march its way to the title track, which ends the set with half-time distorto bass tones, whirling electronic noise, and really fine ride cymbal work, all embellished with fast tom tom fills. Kerby gets mightily clinical here on this last, raw kick to the ears, yet it never feels like he's showing off. He's just going for it, and pulls it off in a really fine manner.
If you're starting a band, please consider a bit of on-line perusal before you choose your name.
If you crave some hardcore creative fusion music, you might want to find ICUMDRUMS's Bandcamp page and give a listen or two. Deliciously bent sounds to be found therein, as mentioned, only a mouse click away!