Sunday, May 28, 2017

noisepoetnobody-Fissure; Eh? Records #94, 2017

Apologies for the long delay in Disaster Amnesiac describing and enthusing: between being somewhat drained in the listening capabilities from recent posts, fighting a motherfucker of a cold, and having to attend to things on the personal side of life, I was just not in the mood to review. As is always the case, a package from Bryan Day served to remedy those uninspired types of feelings.
This time around, Eh? Records sent over their fresh new tape from noisepoetnobody, Fissure. Disaster Amnesiac has been listening to it for a little over a month now, and its vibes have had me coming back to one key concept that seems to drive the Public Eyesore/Eh? mission: interactive experimental sound production is the key to the ever-growing label.
Fissure surely cleaves to that guiding aesthetic. Its two pieces, both further subdivided into halves, feature noisepoetnobody on springs, strings, boards, e-bow and looper engaging with Evaline Muller on bowls, bows, blades, and metal objects. This duo coaxes many types of sounds from their relatively simple collection of gear, all the while sticking to said interactive approach. Drones, clangs, warbles, knocks, clicks, rings, all heard to emanate from one player, while the other astutely comments, adds, or simply keeps quiet as their partner's ideas ring out.  The listening satisfaction comes from the way in which nobody and Muller are clearly interacting in thoughtful ways. On Fissure, there's never a sense of rushing to get to any destination; on the contrary, there's a delightfully zen aura to all of it, even when the stakes get raised in the volume department. This is music created from listening, and it seems to me that a ton of thought, aimed toward interactivity, was utilized in its creation. As such, it's great for deeper listening or as a sonic backdrop to whatever else one has to do at home. Fissure's tones, seemingly created from a place of interactive collaboration, will surely seep into the listener's consciousness from either method.